The individual or institution listed below (the “Investor”) retains and authorizes WeissLaw LLP to apply for appointment of Investor as Lead Plaintiff and of WeissLaw LLP as Lead Counsel under the federal securities laws to recover damages and to seek other relief against and other defendants. WeissLaw LLP will prosecute the action on a contingent fee basis and will advance all costs and expenses.

See the FAQs for a description of the role of a Lead Plaintiff.

By providing my email address, I authorize WeissLaw LLP to communicate with me pertaining this matter via email.


  1. Investor has reviewed the complaint and authorizes the filing of a Lead Plaintiff motion and/or a similar complaint.
  2. Investor did not acquire the security that is the subject of this action at the direction of plaintiff’s counsel in order to participate in this private action or any other litigation under the federal securities laws.
  3. Investor is willing to serve as a representative party on behalf of a class, including providing testimony at deposition and trial, if necessary.
  4. Investor will not accept any payment for serving as a representative party on behalf of the class beyond the Investor’s pro rate share of any recovery, except such reasonable costs and expenses (including lost wages) directly relating to the representation of the class as ordered or approved by the court.
  5. Investor represents and warrants that he/she/it is fully authorized to enter into and execute this certification.
  6. Investor understands that Lead Plaintiff status is not required in order to share in any recovery that may result from this litigation.
  7. Investor understands that WeissLaw LLP will in its discretion determine whether the undersigned will be included in a Lead Plaintiff application for this litigation.
  1. Investor has made no transaction(s) in during the Class Period ( — ) in the debt or equity securities that are the subject of this action except those set forth below:

These securities were acquired or held in (check all that apply):

  1. During the three years prior to the date of this Certification, Investor has not served nor sought to serve as a representative party for a class in an action filed under the federal securities laws except if detailed below: